Friday, August 15, 2008

I Will.......

I'd like to talk about commitment this morning.

Relationships cannot develop without some type of commitment between two people. In fact when relationships falter it is because commitment is ignored.

Back in the "old days" I was a participant in the est seminar, which has now evolved to The Landmark training. One message that was impressed upon us during that rigorous two weekend seminar was that our commitment was all we could give and it had to be 100%. What was really difficult for me to wrap my head around was that if someone in the group was late, then it affected the integrity of the whole group.

Of course I, being the very typical "good" girl, thought that wasn't fair, because after all, I was on time. It took me more than those two weekends, but I now understand what that meant. If the whole group is not there and there on time, then a part of the group is not there, hence the group is not whole. Less than whole affects the integrity of the group just as it would if we took one brick out of a building.

With that understanding, it is the same between two people. If one person doesn't keep their commitment, then the relationship is not whole. Both individuals suffer this loss and the relationship is diminished.

While I know we live in an imperfect world, what would happen if everyone kept 100% of their commitments. I strive to do that and do fail every day. It's when I am 30 seconds late that I justify by saying, "Well I've had to wait for him in the past." I do know that I now think twice before making commitments so that I do have a very good chance of honoring those commitments.

What can you do to keep your commitments 100% of the time?

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