Thursday, May 04, 2006

Surprise From the Back of the Room

Wow! Today I was blown away. I was helping a group in Napoleon, Northwest Networkers, to gain a better ROI by being very clear about the types of people and businesses they want for referrals. For many this is a strange and somewhat threatening concept. But that's a whole 'nuther story.

One young guy, Gary, said that he wanted to connect with developers of more expensive homes, but he didn't know how to do that. Gary is a craftsman who creates wonderful cabinetry. Little did I know that in the back of the room I had an ally. Joel Miller, the Executive Director of the Napoleon/Henry County Chamber of Commerce is also a member of this group. To Gary he said, "I know some of those very developers in the Chamber. I am willing to call them and ask them to come in for a group meeting with you. That's my job."

That was the WOW! Joel is the first Chamber exec I have met who seems to really understand that his job is more than finding businesses to sponsor the next chamber event. Now I know that I am generalizing here, and probably getting myself into some hot water, but I am only reporting my personal experience. Hats off to Joel for really getting involved with his members, meeting with them to find out what they need, determining who they want to do work for, and figuring out how he can help them to connect with others to be more successful.

I have never given out an award, but today I am announcing the 1st Connector Award to be given to Joel Miller.

What would you name your award and to whom would you give the first one to?

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