Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Networking for Fun

Today I have a speaking engagement for the annual Lial Ladies Luncheon. Lial is a private, Catholic, Kindergarten-8 school in Whitehouse, Ohio. Lisa Wilkie, Director of Developoment, who asked me to speak, related that they really want this to be fun for the women as opposed to a direct fund raising message. I have crafted my presentation to reflect this focus and a more personal approach to networking as opposed to business. I will be telling stories of actual networking anecdotes, and what the networking lesson is from each.

Additionally, Lisa shared that each of the women attending have been asked to give a word that describes Lial School for them. When I received the list of the words, I thought of how Scott Ginsberg owns the word approachability. I plan to ask some of the women to tell why they've chosen their word -- what the circumstances were for them. It should be a fun presentation.

If you were to use a word to describe your elementary or even high school experience, what would it be and why?


Julie Kuney, Comfort Keepers said...

One word for my elementary school? I would choose nurturing. Back then, many of the teachers had been with our school long enough to have taught one of my four older siblings, two of them had even had my mom in their class! They were friends to my parents as well. I remember it as a wonderful community--one of those "it takes a village to raise a child" places.

Jen Alford said...

One word for my high school experience...FUN! I was never one to do homework but I loved going to class. It was great to see my friends everyday and see how far I could press my luck with my teachers. My dad was a boss in the district so it got sticky at times but overall it worked in my benefit. I always told my teachers "If your not nice to me I'll tell my Dad." HHHMMMM...I wonder why they thought I was a brat!