Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Even If It Scared Me

A couple weeks ago I was challenged to have lunch and a chat with someone that made me feel uncomfortable when I thought about contacting them.  Like so many, I had this voice inside my head that said,

"She's so much better than you are and at such a high level, she probably doesn't even know who you are."  

Because of the challenge, I stuck my tongue out at that voice and emailed this person, who happens to be the mayor of Rocky River, Ohio.  I had met her before, but it was just a fleeting meeting.

I didn't expect to hear back and I think secretly I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't.  I could say that at least I had tried!  But of course, Mayor Pam Bobst, graciously accepted my invitation.  I did bare my soul and tell her that I was total apolitical and she still agreed to have lunch.

The person that met me for lunch wasn't the mayor..... it was just Pam.  And we had a great 2 hour lunch. (I was feeling guilty that I was taking too much of her time away from the city!) where we talked about everything under the sun, including canning of fruits and vegetables.  I found a new friend and an awareness of how crazy those notions inside my head had been.

I have wondered since then, how many times I have held myself back because of that voice inside my head.

What stops you from taking the big challenges?

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