Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December Book Report - The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

Don Kardux is helping us to be better at business with his monthly book reports.  Make sure you read to the end to see his challenge.

Don begins, "This past April I reported on a book by Patrick Lencioni, which focused on Team Work it was titled ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’.
I’ve used that book in helping a number of the management teams understand the importance of, Trust, Healthy Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Focusing on Results.’ 

How, about seventeen more areas on which to focus?
Actually, John C. Maxwell adds only fifteen different qualities (he also believes in Commitment and Results) but instead of setting his ideas in the context of a story his format is this:
1.      A few quotations from notable sources.
2.      A short story concerning a famous person relating to the specific quality.
3.      ‘Fleshing it out’ - John adds his thoughts.
4.      Bringing it home – specific methods you could use to implement this quality.
Maxwell is an interesting and pithy writer and his observations are always on the mark.
Here are the seventeen:
1.      Adaptable
2.      Collaborative
3.      Committed
4.      Communicative
5.      Competent
6.      Dependable
7.      Disciplined
8.      Enlarging
9.      Enthusiastic
10.   Intentional
11.  Mission Conscious
12.  Prepared
13.  Relational
14.  Self-Improving
15.  Selfless
16.  Solution Oriented
17.  Tenacious

Can you guess which famous character would be the example for which quality?
·         Quincy Jones
·         Jonas Salk
·         Christopher Reeve
·         King Edward I
·         William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson
·         Mary Hays aka. Molly Pitcher
·         Ronald Reagan
·         John Walsh
Can’t connect the person with the quality?
Guess you will have to read the book.
It’s worth it!"

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