Monday, October 06, 2014

Treat Others as They Want to be Treated!

I attended a trade show recently as a visitor, not an exhibitor.  The very first booth I stopped at, I tried to engage the woman to find out more about the business she was representing.  At some point she asked me what I did.  I gave her my one sentence statement that I usually use when asked that question. 
We chatted a bit more (about her) and then I asked for and reached for one of the business cards displayed.  She said, "Those are generic cards, they don't have my name."  I asked if I could have one with her name.  Her reply was, "If all you're planning to do is to try to sell me sales training, then I don't want to give it to you."  I replied that it was not my plan; that I like to have resources that I can refer my clients to, but that it was OK, I would not bother her.  And I moved on.

I will be exhibiting this week at a trade show and as a result of my experience above, I am reminding myself to:

1.  Be kind to everyone. 
2.  Be courteous to all that are showing interest in some way. 
3.  Remember that I don't know who I'm talking to.  They may be or know the very prospect I've been trying to do business with. 
4.  Have a nice way to send people on their way...after all they have been a guest in my office (booth) away from the office!
Am I forgetting anything? 


Kate Oatis said...

She certainly could use your training, Debby. I do always think there's a backstory to bad behavior. Doesn't excuse it but could explain it.

Debby said...

You are probably right, Kate! I have found that when people are that defensive, that they are coming from scarcity.

Kate Oatis said...

Yes. I love how you handled the situation: being kind, not defensive. Perhaps your response helped her become less defensive as the day moved along. Such a good lesson for us all: to absolutely know without a doubt that everyone's dealing with his/her own stuff and not to take things personally.