Friday, October 18, 2013

Is it Just Me?????

I use Linkedin to help me to help my networking contacts.

If someone asks to be introduced to another person and I don't know that new person, I immediately turn to Linkedin to see if there is some other friend in my network who may be connected and willing to help.

Here's where the frustration and challenge come about.

Even though I thought you were only supposed to link to people you know on Linkedin, that doesn't seem to be the norm.  Can you hear my teeth gnashing?

In the past couple weeks I have asked for this type of help about ten times.  Eight of the ten times, the people I asked replied with a comment like,  "I don't know that person."  or "I only know of that person."  I think you get the picture.

So my questions is...........

Why the heck do you link with people you don't know?????

Please help me to understand.

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CTS_Tami said...

There are two schools of thought on linking with LinkedIn. The president of LinkedIn shares yours, that you should only connect with people you have a relationship with outside of LinkedIn and use this as a networking tool. The other school says that the more links you make the bigger your network will be. There are even groups on there that promote this. You may see LION after a person's name and that basically stands for LinkedIn Open Networker. When you subscribe to that method you have to accept all requests to link. I tried this for awhile just so I could see what it was about, but didn't find really any benefit to it, so I have deleted most of those contacts.