Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adversity = Product

My friend Christine Kummerer lost her job due to the economic slowdown in NW Ohio. A graphic artist, she decided to take a deep breath and start her own company, Kreations by Christine. She also participated in some of the job clubs, not convinced that business ownership was for her. Lucky for the club members, Christine is creative, or Kreative as her business card implies!

She has developed resume business cards taking the now old idea of the
"brochure" business card and instead, turning it into a mini resume. I think this is just such a usable idea for the job seeker who may be attending many networking events. Whipping out the letter-sized resume always seemed so awkward and especially for the person receiving it. What it the heck do you do with that big pile of paper, when you want to keep your hands free to shake hands and write notes? With the resume business card, it gives enough information that it can create interest.

Job seekers everywhere can connect with Christine at to order this ingenious marketing product. What do you this of this idea?

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