Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fill Those Slots

I learn so much from the people I network with.

Monday Sarah Wicks, AFLAC, was my guest at the WEN West meeting. That meeting always ends with everyone joining in a circle and then each of us pass one business card to the right till the leader says stop and then that action is repeated to the left. The two cards each person has in their possession, are the people to meet individually in the next month.

Sarah participated. She always jumps right in. That's what I like about her.

She showed me something else, too.

You know those little slots in your planner which are supposed to be used for credit cards or other credentials? Well, here's how she uses them. She inserts the business cards of people she is meeting with in the next week. That way they are handy, right there, in case she needs contact info.

Great idea.

Thanks, Sarah.

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Tami - Custom Training Solutions said...

Sara is my CN class buddy and she is sure turning into a super networker! It is wonderful to see what a positive effect CN has had on this lady.