Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Unexpected Resources

Last week I spoke at the Enterprise Ohio Network conference in Dublin, Ohio. It is the professional association of those who provide continuing and professional training. It is always interesting what I find out when I present at such events.

My talk, as always, focused on aspects of networking. This time I had been asked to speak about the various types of networking groups that these professionals could attend or join in order to get them out of their "caves." During the presentation, Dwain Henderson Sr., commented that if those in the room wanted to connect with the black community that there were plenty of club, groups and organizations that catered to this population.

After the presentation, Dwain chatted with me about one such group. He asked me if I had ever heard of I had to admit that I had not. This morning I finally had a few minutes to check out the site. It looks like a very good resource.

Additionally, the site tells about a conference being held in June 24-27 '09 for black community leaders, business people and professionals. It is billed as a the largest black networking event. If you want to connect to, sell to or are a member of the black community, this is something you might want to check out.

Thanks, Dwain, for the information.


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

Great info. I hope no one feels that there doesn't need to be a separate organization to network with African-Americans. If they do feel that way, they won't be interested in the organization anyway.

Thanks for the info.

Debby said...

Sandy, I am sure there will be a couple comments just like that, but they are the same people who can't understand the need for women's business organizations. And you and I know the reason many such organizations got started is because the mainstream organizations were not open to the "other" people.