Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Deep Mystery

People who don't call back drive me crazy.

Now I'm not talkin' about the people who get a cold call. First of all I don't make cold calls. And when I get them I don't call those people back either. (Most of them don't feel rejected because it is just a recording.)

What I'm talking about is when I meet someone; we chat; agree that we want to meet later. More times than not, they don't have their calendar with them. We agree that I will call them later. They give me their card to do so.

I call them to initiate the setting of the "chat" appointment. Usually I have to leave a message. Or I email them. Or I do both.


Heck, if they don't want to meet, it's OK with me.

Please, just call me back and tell me to get lost.

I'll even give them a line to use. "I'm really busy right now, why don't I call you back at the end of the month?"

Why is this so hard?


Louise Kahle said...

It's not hard. It's just rude, which is the way society has become. The "casualization" of America has caused a lack of respect with the focus on the individual. There is little community anymore.
The actions of one person effects everyone.

Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

What is that old saying???

The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

Ignoring is even worse than saying p#ss off. At least with the latter, you know where you stand.

Debby said...

Thanks, Jacki, you make me feel better!