Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Yesterday, I told you about the Girl Scout Camp CEO weekend from the business game point of view. Today, I'll relate our experiences at the climbing wall and the giant's ladder.

Having spent the morning inside, it was fun to get out in the sun. The strong wind kept the the temperature a little colder than jacketless weather. We received instructions from Christy Gustin, the Girl Scout Program Director. She explained that probably at some point high up on the wall, that we'd feel like we couldn't go any further and that they would encourage us to push just a little more.

It was exactly as she said. There seemed to be a point about 3/4's of the way to the top, where the wind was really blowing, and the hand and toe holds were a little more tenuous. That's where so many said, "I'm ready to come down." Christy would encourage a little more effort and the rest of us would shout our support. In every instance the climber was able to go higher and many were able to push to the top.

The giant's ladder, was just that. It felt like I was in the world of Gulliver! This was a rope and wood ladder. The rungs of the ladder were 4 x 4's and the distance between the rungs was no less than 4' and the top most one stretched more than five feet. Two people would climb at the same time, helping each other. Some pairs were better than others. Mentor, Paige Scarlett and student, Ju Leigh Serpa were so graceful in their climb that it seemed as if it were choreographed.

On both the wall and the ladder, each of us were asked to set goals for what we wanted to achieve. This meant that each person could decide her own performance levels.

As I watched people get "stuck" and then push on, I realized that I was watching a visualization of the world of business. Some business people decide that they are too scared or tired to push on. Others, especially those with outside support, may get stopped, but figure a way to keep going.

Hopefully, next year at this time, I'll be telling you about new aha's from the 3rd annual Camp CEO. But in the meantime, where have you been stopped in your business life, and what helped you to push on?


Anonymous said...

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Angie Weid said...

What a fun weekend and so encouraging to work with all the amazing young women. I was quite impressed with their leadership, determination and enthusiasm. Each of us, mentors and students should be PROUD of what we achieved over this weekend.

NOTE: Debby scurried up to the top of the rock wall like she was Spiderwoman!

Anonymous said...

I'm in business with my husband. Each of us have had moments/days where we feel a little exhausted; a little like, "is this all worth it?!" Fortunately, the other of us is able offer encouragement and divert the attention back on to what our goals are -- and why it's a great idea to keep pushing ahead. Thank goodness we are partners in business -- and in life.

NOTE: Yes, we are human, too. We get over many personal relationship bumps along the way -- and it's not always pretty! ;)