Saturday, December 23, 2006

Today is for Cooking

Today, I will spend a good portion of the day getting ready for Christmas Day when my two sons and their families will arrive. Now I have to tell you that dietary needs do make for complications. We have one who cannot eat dairy, a vegetarian, those who are averse to fish, and some who dislike other things like olives, raisins and probably something I've forgotten. What is neat is that no one complains -- they just eat what is appropriate for them. That said I am the mom, so I do prepare three different entrees for Christmas dinner. Now you understand why this is a cooking day!

You probably think that food is the centerpiece of our time together and while it is important, it is not what I love. We actually play stupid board games, put a 1500 piece jig saw puzzle together and sometimes even color with the kids. If I didn't get any other gift for Christmas this would be enough. Taking time to relax, to talk, to play happens so little in my world, especially with the kids. It's not their fault, it's really not anyone's fault. It's just our world.

So in advance I want to thank my kids for giving me the gift of being able to laugh till my gut hurts from playing Cranium.

What is your favorite gift from your family?

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Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

Like you, just the fact that they not only are with us on Christmas, but they also actually seem to enjoy it.

Our major celebration was last night (Christmas eve). All of my babies were here and I was in heaven. Trying to entertain an 18-month old granddaughter and at the same time trying to keep an eighteen-year old granddaughter from being bored was quite a challenge, but grandpa's cooking kept the evening flowing.

This was the first year that everyone cut down on the present-giving, a suggestion from my son Paul. While not everyone complied with the new rules, taking the focus off the presents and onto family was the best part.

Merry Christmas everyone!